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About Us

Project Team

We aim to be a Quality Team in Logistics and E-commerce, for our local community, and beyond.

We are pleased to propose a new project offering new services in Logistics, with an equally supporting E-Commerce platform. 

This supporting E-Commerce environment will have the potential to meet our potential customer's needs, ‘with our perceived range of communities, groups and professions, that may want to try us for value for money and services.

Our operational project endeavours' is to source our proposed sector 'state-of-the-art technology, for convergence with proven advanced communications platforms, which will underpin our aims and objectives to deliver this implementation  project to you. 

According to Head of Innovation, Hermes Richard Blown during an exclusive interview, before speaking at Leaders in Logistics: Last-Mile Delivery 2019, 'key technological innovations shaping the industry and the key barriers to creating a sustainable delivery service'.  Source: https://marketforcelive.com/leaders-in-logistics/post/hermes/ par.1

In addition, we aim to supply services with value for money, value for money can also mean, an excellent customer service regime built on an empathetical mindset to duty, 'thus putting the supporting consumer ultimately first.

Logistics Team

Parcel delivery teams

Our Logistics Division will be implemented offering an exciting new local Logistics (delivery/collection) Service using a dedicated Courier/Carrier Service Teams for B2B, and business to domestic customer, with competitive rates respectively.

To give the consumer a clear understanding of the two terms we will be involved with on a day-to-basis ‘Carrier & Courier’.

According to NX Courier website, article 'Carrier vs Courier Services: What’s the difference?

Carrier Service 'if you’ve purchased something online and are expecting it to be delivered the next day, this is likely to be on a carrier service.  The delivery times are usually within a set time-frame, based on when there are other deliveries around that area'.

Courier Service 'Courier services are a dedicated service for your goods to be delivered from A to B.  Although this service holds a slightly higher cost'. Source: https://www.nxcourier.co.uk/2017/06/22/carrier-courier-services/ par.1-2

The implementation of real-time communication can generally be called a game-changer in logistics and customer relations terms.

This real-time tracking as the ability to track a vehicle or equipment which can minimise the all too often high cost of losses, as also tracking individual parcels or consignments and/or its driver, further providing a data capture record of each collection and/or delivery. 

According to OBS logistics technology partner Sandersons website they give clear insight to the 'planning optimisation' ability, 'real-time communication' and 'equipment tracking' strengths. Source: https://www.obs-logistics.com/transport-management-system

…Making clear our operational objectives and some of our sector research outcomes, with terminology meanings.

E-Commerce Team

Services available for take-up, and a shopping basket to consider filling, with gifts for him or her

Our E-Commerce Platforms' proposed product-line will range from that last-minute parcel wrapping stationary/writing stationery, to specialised small/medium appliances for professional/non-professional Health and Well-being sectors'.

Other product-lines to include Items of toys, seasonal items, 'organic essentials oils & an organic range of vitamin, mineral supplements for Men/Women of various ages.

Items for home and much more as we aim to source various suppliers locally and across the world for you, 'as supporting you the consumer with our quality assurance program in sourcing UK Standards/ISO suppliers, manufacturers/brands of standard quality to high-end goods, 'assisting the consumers choice, putting the consumers decision-making independently first.

Other product-lines considerations 'such as Fashion Garments for large-size men and women based on their height and thickness... A couple of quotes from one of our potential and prospective suppliers 'outward image reflects the confidence they feel inside'... 'We believe you deserve to look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank'.

As this implementation project evolves to launch day, we look forward to serving and/or working with you.

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